United Nations

Customer: United Nations

Location: UK

Enquiry Received: 8th July 2012

Order Placed: 24th July 2012

Order Dispatched: 20th August 2012


Canned Vegetables and Fruits

Canned Vegetabeles is from South of China

Canned Fruits is from North of China


It is well-known UN Army from different countries.The Taste will be not same of them.One of our order is from UN to supply their Army in Africa.After get the information from the Tender company,we study hard of the information of this order,such as where the Army is coming from,what is their taste and which items we can privide them the fresh material,flavour,health.


And as per UN requirement,we provide more than 3 options for their refernece and explain the options reason to them,provide the current situation of market and our opinion.

For transport,Sinonut have factories from North of China and South of China.Although there is long distance between the different factories,but we have strong relationship with the shipping line and professional experience of loading&packing,we shipped goods from North to South with suitable freight and prefect condition of goods.