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Ellipse eyelash extension

Material Premium PBT fiber from Korea
Colour Glassy & Matte black
Diameter/thickness 0.10/0.15/0.20MM/0.25MM
Curl J/B/C/CC/D/D+/DD/L/L+/LD/U/O or your curl
Length 6-20mm is available or mix length
Lines/Rows 4 lines,6 lines,16 lines or 20 lines
MOQ 20 trays/size 300 trays for one order


Rather than the traditional eyelash extension that is round at the base. They’re flat and  easier to place and bring a bolder look and more glue area versus the traditional round eyelash extension shape .They has a wider glue area and without adding any weight. No hard feeling after extension,convenience in applying eyelash extension,it is easier to pick flat lashes. It can save time for eyelash extension. The flat lashes is soft,flexible,natural and light weight.Beside,the flat lashes has two tips each lashes.We have three type flat lashes for choice: Ellipse flat lash, New Flat lashes and Ultra soft flat lashes for choice.

Ellipse flat lashes is the best selling normal flat lashes in the market, the lash shape at the base is “ellipse” , it is softer, lighter, and easier to pick the lashes than traditional eyelash extension.The 0.15mm thickness but with the weight and softness of a 0.07mm lash,easier and faster to do application. The oval shape structure creates a wider lash without additional weight.Available Glossy and Matte black color, J/B/C/CC/C+/LC/LD/Your curl,0.10/0.15/0.20mm thickness, 6mm to 20mm length.

The New Flat Lashes is one of the special flat lashes, the shape of the lashes at base looks like “peanut”.The benefits of this shape is that the extensions have a much thicker look, without adding any weight.The New flat lashes is a great options for those clients who are hoping for a dramatic look, but don’t quite have the natural lashes to hold conventional extensions. Since the shape of the flat lash is slightly oval,it hugs the natural lash resulting in improved retention.   Available Semi Dull black color, J/B/C/CC/C+/LC/LD/Your curl,0.10/0.15/0.20mm thickness, 6mm to 20mm length.

The ultra soft flat lashes is the newest products in 2017 and very hot-selling in the market now.The 0.15mm thickness ultra flat lashes as soft as the 0.05mm thickness traditional eyelash extension, the 0.20mm thickness  as soft as the 0.07mm thickness traditional eyelash extension.It has double tips each lashes.We’re the first company to launch this new ellipse flat lashes, compared with regular flat lash, this ultra soft flat lashes is much lighter, easy apply and keep longer. Available glossy and matte black color, J/B/C/CC/C+/LC/LD/Your curl,0.15/0.20/0.25mm thickness, 6mm to 20mm length.

They’re made of very light,soft and flexible PBT Korea fiber which is the best quality in the eyelash field, we only use best fiber to ensure the quality is best. The flat eyelash also can be packaged with custom private logo and brand name.OEM and ODM are welcomed.


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