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Double Layers Eyelash Extension

Material Premium PBT fiber from Korea
Colour Black
Diameter/thickness 0.07/0.10mm
Curl J/B/C/CC/D/D+/DD/L/L+/LD/U/O or your curl
Length 6-20mm is available or mix length
Lines/Rows 4 lines,6 lines,12 lines or 20 lines
MOQ 20 trays/size 300 trays for one order
Lead Time 6 weeks


Double Layers Eyelash Extension is presented in strips lines which brings the comfort and the practicality of having the lashes pre-aligned, easy to peel off and use.

They are manufactured using an advanced method where lashes are curled and tapered to perfection,

which means will give a perfect match to the natural lashes, yet our synthetic mink lashes are very soft, light and strong.

The Double Layers Eyelash Extension is similar to human natural lashes, it`s color and material make it perfect for everyday use lashes.

Double Layers Eyelash Extension Features:

Double Layers, make it seems more natural.

Shape and Style of Faux mink eyelash extension Available:

Faux mink eyelash extension  Shape…………..: J/B/C/CC/D/D+/DD/L/L+/LD/U/O or your curl

Faux mink eyelash extension thickness : 0.07mm 0.10mm

Faux mink eyelash extension length.: 6-20mm is available or mix length

Faux mink eyelash extension Lines Quantity: This contains 12 easy to remove strip lines.

Material: premium PBT fiber from Korea

Color: Pure Black. (glossy shine black or matte black for you to choose)

Type: 100% Hand Made

MOQ: 20 trays/size   more than 300 trays grand total

Package standard black box

10 trays  in one inner box

export standard carton box

♥Welcome to place sample order to test our product, we can send you 2 trays faux mink eyelash extension free samples for your testing, only freight cost USD30.00   you can pay via Paypal, Western union or bank.

Our Double Layers Eyelash Extension and false eyelashes are produced with a special coating which allows for better adhesion to the glue and natural lash. They are knot free and weightless.

Available in J, B, C and D Curl.

J Curls have a more slight/natural curl to help give the appearance of a more natural looking volume to the eyelash look.

C Curls have a dramatic glamorous Curl – perfect for creating a dramatic and full-volumed set of eyelash extensions.

D Curl lashes are designed to give the appearance of a more glamorous and curly looking volume to the eyelash look.

All of our Eyelash Pots now include an individual sponge lash holder and sealed eyelash packaging


Important Notes:

* Our Double Layers Eyelash Extension comes in 12 peelable strip lines.

* The pure back color makes it ideal for everyday use.

* No need for wear mascara on top the eyelash extensions

Our advantage: All our Double Layers Eyelash Extension raw material are from PBT  KOREA FIBER, very soft, look nature, hot sale in both the Euro market and USA market, Japanese market.


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